Healing from our past does not have to be complicated

We are not our past. How we move on and correct our mistakes is what define us. Let me show you how
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Dating does not have to be complicated

You can find love.Let me show you how.
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 Are you tired of 


Finding yourself in relationships with people who is not good for you ?


 Feeling like you will never trust being in love again?


Not being able to get over your breakup not matter how hard you tried?


Your heart breaking into millions pieces ?


Pretending like everything is okay when it was not and would like to understand and clean up your mess from your past?


Your needs not being met ?


Not knowing where to begin with grief of your relationship ending ?


Not showing up for yourself and want to find someone who can show up for you?

If you find yourself answering yes to these questions, then you are in the RIGHT place. If you are successful in most areas of your life but struggle in love and relationships, then your love life could quickly become what you want it to be with the help of yours always and forever.

Hello! I’m Renee

A dating and relationship  coach for single men and women who desire passionate and healthy relationships that last.

I help men and women detox from their past, communicate and date better creating their dream relationship. All the while assisting couples in keeping and continuing to have a fantastic relationship.

So how did I become a love doctor sprinkling happiness?!

Growing up, I’ve always had a passion for love and helping others. I believe that there is someone out there for everyone.



Are you ready to


To have people pursuing you for a committed relationship.

Learn how to date with self-confidence ,become approachable in all types of social situation addressing negative thoughts , and  understanding men,women dating and relationships. 

Get rid of your unconscious blocks that might be keeping you stuck and holding you back from finding love

Boost your self-love and confidence so you can start attracting healthy stable, commitment ready men or women.

Learn and understand the different stages of dating that leads to a long term committed relationship and how to create a deep bond at each  stages.

“Renee is Terrific! She truly has a gift! There isn’t enough praise I could give to this beautiful soul. I have lacked self-confidence and motivation. Working with Renee as my coach has been so eye-opening. Not only has she helped me find my confidence, but she has truly changed my life for the better. Renee will always be my Go-To Coach for any advice.?

Mark Rodriguez

It’s Time For Things To Change!

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“Renee is the real deal. I found her coaching very direct and empowering. Her passion for love shines brightly, making you feel  more optimistic about the goal you wish to achieve”

Joshua Arsenault

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