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Dating Coach, Matchmaker and Relationship Expert

Renee Lewis is a Dating Coach and Matchmaker and relationship Expert for successful single men and women who desire passionate and healthy relationships that last. She believes that with the right coaching, you can find the right one to share your heart with. She knows first-hand what it takes to be a successful. Renee gets to know her clients on a meaningful level, in order to create lasting relationships. She prides her selves in providing each client with focused attention from the beginning with her expert’s advice.

Renee Lewis is a born matchmaker, she has a gift for helping with relationship and matching the right women to her fabulous, smart, attractive male clients. You will find her at fashion Events, Charity functions and anywhere exceptional singles can be found. A skilled Recruiter, Renee is relentless in her mission to add new quality women to her database and to find “the right woman” that her client desires. Renee knows that every one of her clients is a unique individual with a unique set of needs. Her personalized, accuracy-driven approach is a difference her clients notice immediately with sharp assessment skills, networking skills and intuition Renee specializes in helping singles find love in today’s modern dating world.

Renee is successful professional with a diploma in Business management human Resource, after graduating from college, she just knew that she was going to take the world by storm. She was going to big things and impact lives, make tons of money, have a family, and live the life she always dreamed of. After few years of being promoted and moving up in the company, she couldn’t understand why she was always so restless. She did not want tell anyone what she was going through because she felt horrible she was letting everyone down. she had spent years in school and her family and friends had supported her throughout her schooling and now, she wanted to do something different with my life. After few weeks of feeling stress and her job starting taking a toll on she decided to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation with my family and friends. It was the best feeling ever, they just wanted me to be happy and follow my heart so I did.

I decided to shift my studies to the culture of dating and it was that moment I had found my passion. I realized that I needed to marry my love of helping people. Remembering all the advice that I had provided to singles over the years always proved to be successful, so I felt compelled to start my own Date coaching and match making business.

Growing up in a household with both parents, who have been happily married for over 20 years. I saw the type of love they have for each other. That love it brought out the best in them and the best in me. Throughout my dating experiences and relationships good and bad, I found it easy to pinpoint what men fell in love with and became inspired. I made it my mission is to empower men and women to find and keep love by accessing their life’s purpose and vision, using it to create goals, and customizing a strategy to achieve them. I want to bring out the best in people so they can bring out the best in others. After all, that’s what life and love is all about.

Renee Lewis

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