Breakup Detox

Breakups can be a very challenging process to navigate.  Whether you are just starting to think about a breakup or it has recently happened, Yours Always and Forever is available to assist you through every stage of this process in a supportive manner, and help you detox from it.

The Breakup Detox 

A highly customized program to support you, and help you create transformational change both personally and in relationship.

First, I want to acknowledge you. I will help you to become the best version of yourself, I will become your best friend. It takes a strong person with great courage to take an honest look at their life, and admit that it isn’t working, and then actually DO something about it. You have half way made it through what will definitely be one of – if not THE – most challenging times in your life. Now that your ready to start your new life and you want to do it right. In order to move forward in the right direction, it is so important to first take a look at where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you want to go from here.

With this Breakup Detox, you will get one-on-one instructing sessions that are intended to enable you to make another, full, and fulfilling life that will empower you to get all the affection you’ve ever needed. Together, we will find your identity at your core, and what fulfills you really. Also, you might be amazed to find that what you’ve generally thought you needed is precisely the reason you haven’t discovered that bliss… yet. Once we’ve gotten genuine about YOU, at that point we’ll start to work towards welcoming your actual perfect partner into your life.

This package is for the most dedicated people only who really want to  create a new, full, and satisfying life and doing the work on a consistent basis in order to achieve results.


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