Falling in love is the most beautiful thing in the world, but we all know it can make you do crazy things. One of the things that many people don’t understand is that there are two types of love, one that serves you well and the other which is plain unhealthy. When it comes to finding the right relationship everyone is looking for that., Being in the right and healthy relationship, you feel a sense of happiness and comfort. And That is a type of love everyone needs in their life. One of the things that many people struggle with is recognizing how unhealthy their own relationship has become.  Even though you may have learned and adapted to accept this type of behavior, it’s never too late to break from this unhealthy pattern and learn to adopt a healthier way to love.

Whether or not you’re unsure if your relationship is healthy or unhealthy here are five, tips on how to identify healthy love vs. unhealthy love  and make the necessary change to start adapting to a healthier lifestyle

OnlySpending Time With Your Partner

When it comes to being in a healthy relationship it should never stop you from doing the thing you use to do like socializing with your friends outside of your relationship. One of the things that many people forget is that you don’t have to have the same interest as their partner. Everyone needs some alone time but for many people, they adapt to this unhealthy lifestyle where they stop socializing with their friends or stop doing the things you used to love. What many people fail to understand is that if the relationship they are in ends they have to go back to their friend and back to being independent and doing things for themselves. It is great you love spending time with your partner but it’s unhealthy to stop interacting with your friends and stop doing the activities you love. You may not want to be away from them but just remember they have a life outside of you.

Knowing Each Other VS Changing Each Other you will learn how to identify healthy Love Vs. unhealthy Love in your relationship or what people have shown to you and taking the steps to remove those from your life.

 Being in a healthy relationship is accepting your partner for who they are and genuinely wanting the best for them this how you truly love the person in your life. The right type of love will never require you to change who you are but an unhealthy love or relationship will have you changing yourself and putting other’s happiness before your own. That is the type of love you do not need in your life.

 Inspiration Versus Discouragement

Being in a healthy relationship, it should inspire you to do better for yourself and the sake of your relationship. That happiness in your relationship helps you to be confident and go after your dreams knowing you are supported and loved by your partner. You are in an unhappy, unhealthy relationship when you’re not motivated to go after your dreams or anything at all. You feel like you’re are not being supported and unable to go after what they want most.

 Arguments Are Not Settled Fairly 

In every relationship, every couple will have problems. The main focus at the end of that disagreement is to come to an understand and work things out with each other feelings in mind. In an unhealthy relationship instead of working on the problems that accrue You play the blame game always blaming the other person for things even when they have done nothing wrong.

Lack Of Privacy

 In a healthy relationship, you both have set boundaries where you respect each other’s privacy. Just because you are a couple does not mean you have to share every detail with your partner. In an unhealthy relationship, you are forced to share everything with the other person because of their insecurities.

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