Everyone has experienced love and the heartbreaks that come along with it. It is the worst pain that you will go through and can be very hard to open up to love again. During those dark and difficult times, you may feel like it’s the end of the world where you start questioning your ability to trust yourself in finding the right partner. 
These feelings that you are feeling are normal just like everything else. Once you have given yourself enough time to heal you will become whole again. I know it can be scary going back out into the dating world trying to find love when your heart has been broken so many times. One of the things you must know is that with the guidance, it is possible to find someone and open up again.

How to invest in a relationship knowing you may get hurt, here are six awesome ways on how to do so

Live In The Moment Love is The Present
It’s hard not to think about the past and all that has happened. In order for you to move on and be truly happy, you need to let go of the past and start living your present life. Start reminding yourself that having that new person in your life is a way to discover and learn all about them.
Letting Go Of Expectations
I know that you have been hurt in the past and it can be difficult moving on into a new relationship. The best way to have a successful relationship is to stop having expectations of what you want your relationship to be and not to be. The magic of falling in love is letting nature take its a course in whatever direction you are lead-in.
Letting  Go Of Fear Of Being Hurt Again 
A relationship is not easy we all have been hurt at some point in our lives, It does not mean that every relationship we go into is going to be the same. The only way to let go of our fears is to start trusting and understanding that everyone and every relationship are different. If you continue to focus on the past and what has happened then it’s only going to stop you from enjoying what is around you. 

How to invest in a relationship knowing you may get hurt and be OK with it






Learn From Your Mistakes 

Heartbreaks are never easy but learning from it is a way of understanding your past relationship and about yourself. You are able to learn about what it is you want and don’t want in your future relationship. Since you have been unsuccessful in your own relationship this will help you learn all that you need to so you don’t end up making the same mistakes.
Learn To Love Yourself 
When you learn to love yourself you learn to appreciate every struggle that you have encountered.  When you learn to accept, embrace and love yourselves, with all of our imperfections that is when you can love anyone else.
Learn to Love Again
Getting over a heartbreak is never easy and can make you want to give up on love. The best way to learn to love again is simply giving yourself time to heal, having friends and family around who genuinely love and care about you is what going to help you get through this. Once you have healed it’s all a matter of going out and pursuing hobbies of things you wanted to try and never got the chance to. Going out and meeting new people until you’re comfortable with the idea of dating again.

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