We all have been in a relationship where we have gotten hurt. And although it is painful to get over it’s important to learn from the lesson that it has taught us and move on. One mistake that we don’t realize is that instead of healing before we get into another relationship we end up carrying our emotional baggage from our past with us into new our relationships.  The poor choices that you make, it causes your new relationship to fail.

Many people are unsure how to go about beginning the healing process and instead of taking this time to focus on themselves they end taking this time and get into a  new relationship. Every new relationship that you get into without healing or resolving any past issues will always end before it gets started.

Here are six signs your baggage is ruining your relationship

Not Addressing Past Hurts

Once an old relationship has ended, you need time to heal and move on with your feelings and come to terms with what has happened.  No matter what new relationship that you get into unless you have addressed your past you will never be able to love anyone truly. Your present relationship will never feel happy and the minor arguments you have with your current lover; you’ll only end up pushing them away

Communication Issue

 For a relationship to strive, you must have a solid foundation of communication with your partner or your relationship will never work out. If your partner is struggling with what happened in the past try being there and supporting them as best as you can until they are ready to open up. In your relationship, you should be able to discuss your feeling with each other. If you do n’t make an effort after a while, your partner will rethink his or her relationship status with you.


Trusting your partner in your relationship is vital for it to work. One thing that you need to remember is that your current partner is not your ex. I know that it can be difficult trusting someone again after what you went through but try to trust your new partner unless he or she gives you a good reason not to trust them. A relationship is meant to be built on trust and if you’re having a hard time trusting the person you are with don’t your relationship will not work and eventually, your heart will be broken yet again.

Don’t Compare Your Past To Your Current

Once you have stepped into a new relationship, it’s a clean slate with your new partner. Never compare your last relationship to your current. You are dating again for a reason because you have taken the time to heal. Just remember that your current partner was not involved in your past and deserves a fair chance to make you happy. Remember that your ex is your past and that ’s exactly where it should stay.

Still Talking About Your EX Are Signs Your Baggage Is Ruining Your Relationship

When you continue to talk about your ex while you’re currently in a new relationship, all your doing is letting your new partner know that you not over your ex. Your past is the past, so make it stay there. Focus on getting to know the person that is currently in your life, or you will end up losing them.

 Try And Stay Positive

Regardless of whatever challenges that your relationship is going through always try and see the positive side in it and the things that you both love about each other. You both got together for a reason, and it is because you make each other happy and see the potential. Always remember that everyone has baggage, but as long as you both are communicating with each other any problems can fix big or small and it all starts with communication

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